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Coaching is on the FRONTLINE of helping people solve problems–personal or professional.

Coaching helps you discover your own solutions that are hidden.
In each coaching session, I LISTEN. I try to ask the right questions and challenge your thinking.

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I am preparing to submit my ICF Master Certified Coach application, and I need to log the names and contact information of my clients, but don’t worry your session is still confidential. You can sample my coaching at a very attractive price–you don’t have to make a huge financial commitment to get the benefits.

We will work over the phone in half-hour sessions, so it’s convenient and easy to schedule. You’ll be amazed at how powerful the process is and the immediate benefits you’ll get. We will be focusing totally on YOU!


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About Sonia

Why did I become a Life & Career Coach?
As many college bound students, I was completely naïve about what to study. My first choice was to attend the community college. From there, I went to UNT and finally majored in Fashion Design from the Art Institute in Dallas.index
Upon graduation, I worked for a couple of designers. Then I was in sales and finally in the buying area with major retailers. The last retailer, I worked with was bought out and the offices moved to another state.
At this point, I was without a job but I had registered with many staffing agencies. One agency, asked me to work at a construction company in the HR department, as the company needed someone, who was bilingual. I was there for two years, until they laid me off, as the partners dissolved the corporation.
Certified by Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches

Are you seeing a pattern?
In 2010, the opportunity came up to interview for a position with a relocation company, as a Bilingual Career Consultant. I had no idea what a relocation company was, much less the role they were asking me to perform but I was offered the position.
After working there for a few months, I knew this was my mission in life. I was now guiding others, who were experiencing the same struggles, stress, and confusion of being without a job.
Two year later, I became certified as a Career Coach. Since then I have worked with thousands of clients and although the backgrounds are different and the skill sets varied, the goal is to be successful.
Whether you want a better salary; moving up the corporate ladder; flexible work schedule; corner office; lots of travel, or making a difference in the life of another; these sessions are about empowering you to confidently pursue your professional aspirations. I partner with you to uncover the motivating cause. Then the career search becomes more focused.
My colleagues and I will support you and provide you the resources needed. My team consists of hand-picked Certified Professional Career Coaches and Certified Professional Resume Writers. They have worked with hundreds of clients in diverse industries and know how to assist you in your situation.



Each session is about an hour long.After each session, we go over any questions, discuss any issues and/or provide additional insights.

Career Guidance $75

  • Identifying strengths and passions
  • Identifying your meaning of success
  • Identifying important life circumstances

Job Search Campaign $75

  • Preferred companies
  • Preferred positions
  • Informational interviews

Your Image $75

  • Branding statement
  • Online presence
  • Marketing material

Leveraging LinkedIn $75

  • Components of a good profile
  • Increasing visibility
  • Growing your network

Networking $75

  • Online and in-person
  • Volunteering
  • Associations

Interview Preparation $75

  • Questions to ask
  • Salary negotiation
  • Following up

Mock Interview $75

  • Customized for a specific job or general practice

Your Professional Wardrobe $75

  • Best colors
  • Best silhouettes
  • Creating a professional wardrobe

Career Development $75

  • Becoming a thought-leader
  • Attaining yours goals
  • Staying current in your industry

Career Change $75

  • Transferable skills
  • Work environment
  • Break into new field

Your New Position $75

  • First three months
  • Things to do
  • Things not to do

Foreign Nationals $75

  • Business enculturation
  • American business etiquette
  • Distinguish assertive vs. bragging

Connect with Recruiters $50

  • Distribute your resume to five industry recruiters

Individual session $75

  • Personalized session(s)

Marketing Materials

In order to create your documents, you will have a 30-45 minute conversation with a Certified,Resume Writer, who will ask specific questions about your experience. All documents are provided within 7-10 business days.

  • Resume
    • Recent grad $150
    • Professional but not senior manager level $250
    • Senior manager or executive $350
  • Cover letters $100
  • Linked In profile summary $75
  •  Bio $100


Dora K. Texas

For over a year,my career was rewarding and I was learning a great deal in my new role but the relationship with my immediate supervisor and her manager turned really difficult.I figured that speaking to a career coach will help me to clear my thoughts and nourish the positive in my current job and manage the negative.Somebody in my network recommended me to call Sonia.Since our first call, Sonia demonstrated genuine interest to learn what I was going through at work. Sonia's unique way to address all the situations made me trust her and feel relieved after every conference call we had.What I particularly like the best about Sonia is that she would discuss with me all the options and allow me to make my own decisions as of what to do.In summary,my experience with Sonia as my career coach has been exceptional.I would definitely recommend Sonia to anybody who is looking for support in her current career,and is dealing with a difficult boss or wants to change jobs.

Lilly S. – Washington

“Dear Sonia - Thank you so much for helping me land my job. You were truly my


Jennifer B. – Colorado

“Sonia – Thank you so much for the training! Michael (CEO) was very impressed with my interview skills and I felt I was able to articulate all the qualifications I brought to the table.”

Ed Y. – California

“Hi Sonia – I got two job offers and the one I wanted they counter offered with sign on bonus and opportunity for managerial positions. I also liked the idea of one building vs. traveling to a few buildings.I will be calling Carrie to accept the offer! Thank you Sonia for all of your help in regards to job search and benefits information.”

Sinta F. – Texas

“Hi Sonia - I enjoyed speaking with you today and sharing the wonderful news in
regards to my job offers. I want to thank you again for the time you spent consulting me.
I took all your advice to heart and it helped me become a prepared and strong
candidate. You were always so prompt to respond and made yourself available for
discussions when I was overwhelmed-- you definitely put me at ease … Again, thank
you so much for all your help and support during my job search.”

Amy F. – Texas

“Hi Sonia - I send a big 'Thank you' for all the coaching last week. My interview was yesterday and seemed to go well. At the end of the day, the recruiter came in the room to discuss salary requirements. If I didn't know better, I would have guessed she was reading from one of your scripts. The conversation went exactly as we had practiced it! Not only is this is a critical skill that I will use in all sorts of future scenarios, but I know that yesterday would have gone much differently without your help. Again, many thanks.”

Faith H. – Washington

“Sonia-The interview training session you did for me was very helpful.I was offered the job last Friday from the hospital foundation. And I just accepted the job offer. Thank you so much”


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